Also known as responsible tourism, sustainable tourism, ecotourism and fair tourism, solidarity tourism is a tourism that promotes meeting and exchange with the local population. It contributes to the financing of development projects in the country of destination. Fair and equitable tourism also implies a notion of financial transparency. Indeed, part of the solidarity travel price will be paid to the development project and is managed by the local community itself.

Why Tourism


Since tourism is becoming a truly global industry, we recognize our duty to operate our holidays in a responsible and fair manner. We view this not only as an economic issue, but also as a social, cultural and environmental issue. We are committed in principle to the well-being of the communities that are our hosts. We hope that by following this concept, we can offer you a more rewarding and interesting experience.

The past decades have been marked by catastrophic events in which tourism has led to environmental destruction, cultural misunderstandings and mistrust. At Les Routes Insolites, tourism brings benefits to many disadvantaged communities, helps to preserve the environment, and benefits from real and positive social exchanges.

It is not necessary to have a particular competence to practice solidarity tourism. You will not also need to have a contact on site. The simplest is to go through our tour operator specializing in solidarity and fair travel. At Les Routes Insolites, you will have a truly authentic tour off the beaten track, good contacts on site, local accommodation consistent with your solidarity stay, good information before departure, local resources that you can use. Your money will be redistributed transparently in the destination and to the individuals visited.

Our Values

Whatever your destination in Asia and the chosen formula (personalized tour, immersion trip, culture and discovery ...), our trip is always focused on fair tourism and solidarity. For this, here are the key resources of our philosophy:

      • We have selected places in Asia that are particularly appealing for holidays or local excursions while focusing on meaningful exchanges and meetings.

      • We are in partnership with local teams who are actively involved in solidarity tourism

      • We ensure that local staff and operators receive a fair price for their services.

      • We provide our clients with advice and guidance to respect the social, cultural and religious beliefs of local communities.


Possibility to be accommodated in a local family

The best way to immerse yourself in the local culture is to spend one or more nights homestay. We offer you an open choice to stay from 1 to 4 days with a local family. You will be able to share unique moments, meet and great people and........

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