Asia: a must-see destination for solidarity and fair tourism

Fair and equitable travel is still a relatively new concept, but given climate change, the negative impact of mass tourism on culture and society, it is rapidly becoming an increasingly interesting sector. Some people think that solidarity tourism or sustainable tourism is losing our holiday experience. Yet, in the Asian continent, we can demonstrate that this is not the case and by traveling there, you will be more likely to have an unforgettable and lasting experience.

Facilitate solidarity tourism

At Les Routes Insolites, we work to facilitate solidarity tourism in Asia

What is a solidarity trip? To simplify the notion, social travel takes into account a social, cultural and economic point of view, and understands the impact that your stay will have on a destination. By being more aware and responsible, we can minimize the negative impacts and maximize the positive not only for the local communities, but also for ourselves through rewarding experiences.

In the Unusual Routes, we believe that each trip must be conducted in the most equitable and equitable way possible. With us, rest assured that your money is spent locally to finance a development project. We strive to conduct our activities in a transparent manner to support the Asian communities in which we operate.


Some information needed

Some information needed to better ensure his solidarity trip in Asia

In order to take the best advantage of your stay in Asia, we have come up with some useful data to know in this exceptional and exciting region.

The continent of Asia is becoming a popular tourist destination because of its warm tropical climate all year round (Southeast Asia), its delicious gastronomy and its culture. The latter has a strong Chinese and Indian influence, especially in the fields of religion, mythology, language and writing. Buddhism is the dominant cult practiced by the majority of the Asian population. The place is also home to diverse faunas and rainforests.

In choosing solidarity tourism, travelers must understand that the place visited is the home of others. We have made intense efforts to involve local businesses in our programs. The companies we work with can be locally run charities or eco-friendly hotels. The destination countries in which we operate offer a wide choice of natural and spectacular places that are ideal for adventure and adventure seekers.


Why choose Asia

Why choose Asia to travel differently?

The peninsula of Southeast Asia or Indochina is home to some of the world's poorest communities. These communities simultaneously experienced both positive and negative impacts of tourism. Unfortunately, some of them have been exploited, threatening an indigenous way of life that leads to a loss of culture.

Pollution, habitat deterioration and the remarkable gap between rich and poor are all negative consequences. On the other hand, by promoting solidarity and sustainable tourism, by being responsible for our actions and by generating the resources needed to fight against poverty, we hope that solidarity tourism brings a good perspective or a positive impact on these communities. Visitors who are willing to sacrifice some comfort to explore rural life may consider a homestay. They will be able to spend a day guided by the local people, learn the traditions and savor the local cuisine.
Many of the destinations we work in Asia, especially Vietnam, Thailand, India, Cambodia, Laos, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and China enhance your experience of holidays.


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