Facilitate solidarity tourism

Making Responsible Tourism Responsible in Asia will bring you a rewarding and very enjoyable experience based on reciprocity from which you will come out grown and transformed. This is an opportunity where you can share your personal and professional skills for local communities. This type of trip promotes openness to the world and intercultural exchange. If you are passionate about volunteering projects in community farming, Les Routes Insolites offers tours through Asian countries, in a tropical environment or in a small rural farm or organic farm. We invite you to turn your holidays into a useful project. The goal of organic farming is primarily to support the sustainable development of the region while providing healthy food to the local population. Through responsible solidarity tourism, you can volunteer in schools or other associations supporting awareness programs in organic farming. In collaboration with local stakeholders, you can also advance your knowledge in creating and promoting sustainable farming methods that are more respectful of the environment. Volunteers will be asked to contribute to several agricultural activities in the community. For example, nursery work, the creation of community gardens, the installation of irrigation systems. There is also the planting of organic crops such as cassava, various vegetables, wine, corn, etc. They can also participate in actions to promote the introduction of organic products in collective catering, supporting farmers in conversion to the organic sector.

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