Facilitate solidarity tourism

Responsible tourism is a way of making yourself useful in the country you choose during your stay in Asia. Among the causes that you can support there are humanitarian missions in the field of medicine. So, whether you are retired or an active health professional, Les Routes Insolites invites you to take part in responsible travel organized in Asia. A whole mine of volunteer missions awaits you based on your experience and especially, your specialization. Many hospitals, clinics, maternities, clinics, pharmacies or specialized care centers need help. In collaboration with local professionals, you can offer your skills in the fields of general medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, ophthalmology, podiatry, etc. Thanks to responsible solidarity tourism, you will have the opportunity to exchange and share your knowledge with local people. This is an opportunity to learn about methods and health systems in Asia. The traveler can indeed carry out awareness-raising activities to promote the dissemination of knowledge and health prevention in social circles that have little access to it. There are also care campaigns in order to improve the quality of life of the population. You can help families with children with disabilities. Your presence is of paramount importance and represents a punctual help to medical teams often overloaded.

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