Facilitate solidarity tourism

Going on a solidarity trip to Asia is a great opportunity to give valuable help to local people and see the reality of their lives, off the beaten path. This allows you to make new discoveries while being a responsible and fair prospect since you can put your skills to the benefit of vulnerable people. The Unusual Routes organize trips across Asian countries to which you can support different causes that can improve the living conditions of local communities. This enriching experience can also help you consolidate your profession through solidarity projects in nursing. If you are looking for internships or nursing assignments, then you are welcome. There is a considerable number of medical facilities in Asia that certainly need volunteers to support nurses, who are sometimes overworked. The health centers are often understaffed or have limited financial and material resources. Thanks to responsible solidarity tourism, you can get involved in voluntary actions with various medical branches. Examples include palliative care, pediatrics, maternity, general or specialized surgery, dental care, emergencies, etc. Responsible solidarity tourism linked to nursing missions in Asia is an opportunity to develop your clinical, practical and, above all, intercultural knowledge. You will work with local health professionals and perform tasks such as preparing surgical materials, administering medications and treatments prescribed by the doctor. You can also help the care team during surgery or other medical procedures, change dressings, etc.

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